Welcome to Ventureworldz!

Getting started - Follow each of these easy steps:

You can download a viewer for free from any of these sources. You need this to access Ventureworldz. We recommend Firestorm as it the most flexible:

Firestorm: http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/

Singularity: http://www.singularityviewer.org/downloads

Imprudence: http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Imprudence:Downloads

As we use Firestorm, the full functions are here and instructions below are getting started using it: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/start

Once you have downloaded your viewer, you will need to "log in" using your account details. To get these, visit the Ventureworldz portal to create your free account and avatar at: http://ventureworldz.com:8002/wifi

Your log-in details on your viewer are your selected Username and Password.

From the Grid menu, select Ventureworldz. As most viewers take time to list virtual worlds, you may have to enter a few technical lines once only:

1. Click on the top left menu option "Viewer" and then "Preferences".

2. Second from last option, Click "Opensim"

3. Under "Manage Grids" look for Ventureworldz and click it and click Apply and you are ready to log in. If it is not there, go to 4

4. In the box "Add new grid" type or copy and paste: http://ventureworldz.com:8002

5. The rest of the information should automatically fill in.

6. Click Apply and OK.

Now you can click "LOG IN" and you will enter Ventureworldz.

You will notice it will take time for the full world to load for the first time and your inventory is populated with your starter pack.

Feel free to explore anywhere to get your bearings and learn how to move and interact. You will arrive in the welcome centre. There is a map on a board between you and the welcome desk. Click it to receive the locations of other regions to explore and some basic information. Explore this welcome area first as it will teach you how to use your viewer and interact in Ventureworldz.